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Trenchcoats $500


Our very existence lies in community—before governed “systems“ were put in place, we relied on one another and those around us for protection, knowledge, growth, love and sustenance. When everything around us appears to be failing, the one thing we can always rely on is our community … a collection of unique individuals with a broad array of talents and ideas who come together to uplift and facilitate personal and societal change. Community is the cornerstone of human connection and social movements, playing an outsized role in identity and understanding.


This show is centered around the desire to inspire connections within my communal circle while also paying tribute to the selflessness of what it means to be truly in community. Whether personally or historically connected, every person featured has had an impact not only on my art creation but also my personal development.


My hope is that this exhibition leaves each person feeling inspired to reconnect its and grow their personal community & revel in Black Art.

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